Problems we solve

We partner with our customers and add value to every part of the customers product lifecycle. If any of the below issues or challenges feels familiar, we suggest we meet as soon as possible to discuss how we can make life easier for you!

Are you having trouble finding a partner who can support your new and existing products? Does your current supplier really consider your existing or legacy platform a priority?
Our high flexibility will give you the priority you deserve; we offer second-line support for spare parts for your installed product base.

Are you having trouble finding a partner that can support your end-customers’ ongoing maintenance and servicing needs?
We partner closely with customers to ensure product sustainability, proposing design changes, optimal supplier selection for cost reduction, plus quality and delivery precision enhancements.

Do you and/or your design partner have sufficient experience from manufacturing to make the design "produceable"?
We work alongside your design team, taking a manufacturing perspective to propose design changes that optimise your product for volume manufacturing.

Do you and/or your design partner have enough experience in the market for PCBs, electronics, mechanics and cables for the right “in-design” of components?
We help you navigate local and global component markets to find the best manufacturers and suppliers for your product, choosing low-risk suppliers with high standards, competitive costs and reliable service.

When you start planning for serial production, are your test routines good enough, and priced right, to assure product quality?
We support you on developing your test strategy and equipment. We know how to get good mileage from your test budget, and how to keep yields high.

Do you want professional and fast prototyping support for your development projects?
With our high-end structured prototyping and industrialisation process, and highly skilled project managers, we provide you with rapid prototyping and feedback reports within days.

Are your total product costs above plan due to your current partner’s poor quality and delivery performance?
NOTE has one of the industry’s highest quality and delivery performance standards for high mix/low volume production.

Would it help to have a partner with a stronger sourcing and logistics setup for high mix/low volume production?
NOTE’s sourcing unit focuses on total cost reduction, risk reduction and continuous supplier development.

Are you outgrowing your current supply chain?
NOTE can support you in six different geographical markets, and has wholly owned, high-quality manufacturing plants in Estonia and China (WFOE).