• NOTE Pärnu OÜ

    Laki 2
    80010 Pärnu

    Phone: +372 44 485 00
    Fax: +372 44 485 01
    E-mail: info.estonia@note.eu

    About Note Pärnu OÜ

    A manufacturing unit focusing on industrialisation and volume manufacturing of labour-intensive products. NOTE Pärnu offers high-mix manufacturing solutions supporting the needs of customers in and outside the EU.

    Our Pärnu site offers complete, lower-cost manufacturing solutions with easy access to the European market. The manufacturing capabilities include manufacturing and engineering services, PCB assembly, NPIs, box build, aftersales, build-to-order and configure-to-order services.


    Risto Talv

    Managing Director
    Phone: +372 444 8511, +372 523 5592
    E-mail: risto.talv@note.eu

    Heiki Hiiemäe

    Business Development Manager
    Phone: +372 569 551 05
    E-mail: heiki.hiiemae@note.eu