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The Interim Report for January-September will be available on 19 October 2020 at 8:30 a.m.  

10 September 2020

New location for NOTE’s headquarters In early September 2020, NOTE moved the headquarters into central Stockholm. From now on it is located at Sveavägen 52.

17 August 2020

NOTE Norrtelje invest in a new high capacity SMT line and chose SMT QPL+ N2 for reflow soldering. The new line ensure that a consistent increased volume demand can be assembled at NOTE. "We evaluated several brands. After calculating the TOC incl energy and nitrogen consumption, maintenance, spare parts and comparing quality and process technology SMT was selected" says Mikael Eklöf and Peter Bohlin at NOTE Norrtelje. The installation of the SMT reflow was completed last week. ESD-Center are glad and thankful for confidence in our products and service.

13 July 2020

Today NOTE’s CEO Johannes Lind-Widestam held a presentation about the Interim Report January-June. Read the presentation here     


The Interim Report for January-June will be available on 13 July 2020 at 8:30 a.m. On 13 July, NOTE will arrange a teleconference for analysts, media and investors. Read more here

28 May 2020

Five factors to consider when selecting an EMS partner according to Charlotta Linnell, guest author at Evertiq. Read the article here 

ElektronikExpo, a digital fair, 27 May 2020

Chat with NOTE at ElektronikExpo! ElektronikEXPO is a digital fair about electronics. Here, visitors can chat with exhibiting companies in the industry and listen to interesting lectures and speakers. Communication is done digitally through chat, online meetings and webinars. For information about the event, please click here  

Changes in NOTE’s Nomination Committee

According to the decision by the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the members of the Nomination Committee should be appointed by the four shareholders having the largest holdings in NOTE and which desire to appoint a representative. The Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 comprised of: - Johan Hagberg, own holdings - Fredrik Hagberg, own holdings and Myggenäs gård AB - Niklas Johansson, Handelsbanken Fonder AB - Thomas Tang, Mediuminvest A/S With reference to the circumstances surrounding the resolution of the AGM on 23 April 2020 regarding the composition of the company's Board of Directors, where the Nomination Committee's proposal was not approved, Handelsbanken Fonder AB has requested to resign from the Nomination Committee for NOTE. For more information, please contact: Johan Hagberg, Chairman of the Board, tel. +46 (0)70 644 33 56

23 April 2020

Today NOTE’s CEO Johannes Lind-Widestam held a presentation about the Interim Report January-March. Listen to the presentation here. Read the presentation here NOTE Interim Report January-March 2020


NOTE’s AGM will take place at Spårvagnshallarna, Birger Jarlsgatan 57 A in Stockholm, Sweden, on 23 April 2020 at 2:00 p.m.


The Interim Report for January-March will be available on 23 April 2020 at 8:30 a.m.    

2 april 2020

NOTE Norrtelje helps out with the production of hand sanitizer Lately, hand sanitizer has become a scarce commodity. Fredrik Bohlin, contractor at Norrtälje Municipality, and Richard Jansson at Norrtelje Brenneri had recently begun to work together to produce hand sanitizer for the municipality's operations but discovered that they lacked certain ingredients to start production. NOTE Norrtelje's Managing Director, Peter Bohlin, therefore offered to donate 20 liters of Isopropanol, one of the substances that were missing to produce hand sanitizer.

2 april 2020

One of NOTE’s core values is that we are committed to the things we do. As part of that, we are committed in contributing to a sustainable environment and work space. We have just launched the Committed logotype, which will be used in sustainability contexts. Sustainability is important to us, and we like to spread inspiration by sharing initiatives taken amongst us.


The Annual Report for 2019 will be published on the website week 14 2020.  

5 February 2020

Today NOTE’s CEO Johannes Lind-Widestam held a presentation about the Interim Report for Year-end. Listen to the presentation here Watch the Power Point presentation here NOTE Year-end Report 2019


The Year-end Report for 2019 will be available on 5 February 2020 at 8:30 a.m.  

22 October 2019

Today NOTE's CEO Johannes Lind-Widestam held a presentation about the Interim Report for the third quarter. Listen to the presentation here Watch the Power Point presentation here NOTE Financials Q3 2019  

1 October 2019

Technical day in Stonehouse Last week, NOTE’s plant in Stonehouse, UK, arranged a technical day. The event took place between the 24-25th of September. Representatives from both customers and prospects were in attendance. The plant held a technical seminar, including sessions within Central Sourcing, NCAB PCB design and cost drivers, benefits of Kanban and some general DFM guidelines, along with a tour of the new layout of the production area.   Words from NOTE’s customers Trevor Cullan - Managing Director -  Innovelec Solutions Limited Just a quick thanks as the seminar was very useful indeed and was executed beautifully – good show! Martin Smith - Quality Manager - AGD Systems I personally thought the day was more interesting and informative than I thought it might be.

The share


On 31 August 2020, NOTE AB had 9,143 shareholders.

List from Euroclear with principal owners on 2020-08-31.

Owner Number of
Share capital and votes (%)
JOHAN HAGBERG 5,861,404 20.66
MEDIUMINVEST A/S 1,418,629 5.00
AVANZA PENSION 1,187,891 4.19
TREDJE AP-FONDEN 1,164,352 4.10
CLAES MELLGREN 722,000 2.54
FUTUR PENSION 551,645 1.94
Total sum of the 10 largest owners’ shares 14,293,771 50.38
Total sum of the remaining owners’ shares 14,078,829 49.62
Total sum 28,372,600 100.00


Division by size, holdings by shareholder as of 31 August 2020.

Size of holding, number of shares Number of shareholders Number of shares Proportion of capital/votes, %
1 – 500 6,569 915,695 3.23
501 – 2,000 1,797 1,943,305 6.85
2,001 – 5,000 441 1,434,540 5.06
5,001 – 20,000 220 1,993,822 7.03
20,001 – 50,000 61 1,831,566 6.46
50,001 – 500,000 43 5,412,517 19.08
500,001 – 5,000,000 11 8,979,751 31.65
5,000,001 – 9,500,000 1 5,861,404 20.66
Total sum 9,143 28,372,600 100.0



1990 Incorporation 3,000 300,000 3,000 300,000 100.00
2000 Bonus issue 27,000 2,700,000 30,000 3,000,000 100.00
2000 Split 10:1 270,000 - 300,000 3,000,000 10.00
2002 New share issue 84,000 840,000 384,000 3,840,000 10.00
2003 New share issue 15,000 150,000 399,000 3,990,000 10.00
2004 Split 20:1 7,581,000 - 7,980,000 3,990,000 0.50
2004 Option exercise 310,200 155,100 8,290,200 4,145,100 0.50
2004 New share issue 1,334,000 667,000 9,624,200 4,812,100 0.50
2010 New share issue 19,248,400 9,624,200 28,872,600 14,436,300 0.50
2020 Cancellation of repurchased shares -1,000,000 -500,000 27,872,600 13,936,300 0.50
2020 Bonus issue - +500,000 27,872,600 14,436,300 0.52
2020 New share issue/Option exercise 500,000 258,969.39 28,372,600 14,695,269.39 0.52


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